About Gothic Sushi AKA Maria Saber:

Gothic Sushi ( AKA Maria Saber) Raised in Up sate N.Y. Tattoo artist and comic book artist. She is very new to cosplay and to modeling. Moved to Tampa Florida October 2013 and got her feet wet in the local tattoo scene. and trying to make new friends in her new home. Now working in a local tattoo shop near Tampa F.L.


    Tattooing and Photographing Alternative models for years and jumping into the spot light with cosplay it helped her get more comfortable with her body. Now through cosplaying she was asked to do some modeling shoots for T-shirt company's and some other fun Modeling opportunity's. As of right now there are large goals she would like to reach through modeling and becoming an extraordinary Alternative model! being a tattoo artist her self she under stands the standards and is ready to take up this new path in life!


      She Has been a tattoo artist for around 5 years now. with deep roots in nerd culture, some of her favorite things are Anime (like Dragon ball z, Sailor moon and pokemon) and video games (RPG games for the most part Final fantasy and some MMOS like World of warcraft), By fare her main fandom would be Marvel or rather X-Men if we want to really get down to it! Her art style is some ware between American comics and Anime. working on a few small indie comics and most recently working on some shirt designs for a few company's!  


       Started going to conventions early 2014 at a small first time con called Evil con in Tampa, Fl. I went as Lady dead pool with the few new friends   that told her it would be a lot  of fun!

because I was such a nerd I would enjoy a comiccon! so by their push she decided to go as dead pool! (one of her favorite characters). The first costume that she ever created herself was Lady Loki. Which was made 2 years before I had got into conventions!  this Loki was actually made for the Sterling Ren. Fair in N.Y. because her youngest child insisted on being Thor! and wanted her to dress up with him! so ditching her normal pirate plans he and her little boy created Lady Loki and tinny Tinny THOR!

      Only after 1 year in to the convention scene she has made a rather large name for her self.With a fallowing tottaling over 20,000.00 on face book alone! With so many different characters to dress up as and act the part its a never ending play ground! She now has well over 20 costumes! with her top 3 being Dead pool, Lobo and Abe Sapiean! but there are so many more to see!
    Cosplaying has quickly become one of her favorite hobbies and past times! Loving the con floor and meeting people and making friends comes very easy to her! She loves helping others and showing off her self and others skill sets in there crafts! Also he has an EXTREMELY AMAZING PERSONALITY! very out going and will not just sit n the side lines! not only will she join in on con activity's but more then happy to host and bring more people in!

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