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happy 2017

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So i am looking forward to 2017! so many bookings already! my time slots are starting fill up until JULY!!! 

im LOOKING FORWARD to moving to orlando this Spring! 

also looking forward to Inked and Geeked tattoo and comic book convention in march! they have put me in charge of a lot of the show and im hoping for a huge crowed! this will official show me what kind of reach and following i have and what to grow from!

also my PAtreon is full force now and encrage all new followers to sign up for at least $1 get BTS and so much more from art down loads to 18+ content!

NEW THINGS to look forward to from Gothic Sushi:

Geek Goddess new sets to drop this year!

Geek Goddess Calendar model!


SO much art!!!



Canada July 2016

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modelign shoots and event booking!

I still have a few weeks left here in Newfoundland Canada. It is lovely here! and the locals are all so amazing! thank you all for taking some time to show me around and keep me company on my trip so far has be wonderfull and I have a feeling I have sooo much more to see and do in my next few weeks! that you for sponcering my trip Elite Studios seriously one of the coolest things I have been able to do with my career to date :D can not wait to share images with every one on line :D

Spring is a time for change and updates!

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Lots of things on the table for spring! 

*Finally moved into my new place so I can get back to work and focus on more things!

*Next convention coming up is Megacon, were i will be working with as press for the con to photograph and take interviews of all the amazing people and cosplayers to fill the even in Orlando Florida! 

*Make sure to check out SilverBax Tshirts! ( ) I am a featured cosplayer for there shirts now buy my FACE! hahah! 

*Won 2and place for Cosplayzines 2016 best Villain cosplay award, For my Lady Lobo Cosplay! (

March 2016

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Ok, now that is March i have SOOOOO! MUCH GOING ON I CAN BARLEY KEEP UP! im also working on the VERY first *Sushi Bento Boxes! and every one of my patreons will be getting on for next month! and then I would loooove to have your guys feed back on them! if that's all right!

find my PAtreon PAge here:

Here is a quick date and run down as of right now:

3/13/16. So this weekend I am joining up with a bunch of girls and guys for a huge geek shoot this weekend :D I think im going to be rocking Android 18 ^.^ Might bring a few others seeing how this is a full day event with tons of models, cosplayers and lots of photographers!!

3/19/16. OH MAN am I looking forward to this shoot in Orlando F.L. something sexy and out of the ordinary for me! im letting the photographer come up with his own Ideas but hes still letting me give some awesome input, we have 2 or 3 looks lined up for the studio but the Dead Pool comic girl shoot is what Im super looking forward to! and a set of awesome Alternative looks as well!!

3/20/16. Film Festival, Miami F.L. looks like im jolting down the cost to make the morning shoot for the Film Festival!! annnd guesssss who they picked for the Harley Quinn Suicide Squad look a like? HAHAHA, year that's right! I still need to figure our shoes for my quin cosplay MEP!!!

3/26/16- 3/27/16 FLORIDA GEEK FEST ( ) in Boca Raton Florida, THIS IS NOT AN EVENT YOU ARE GOING TO WANT TO MISS! come see me and all my awesome cosplay friends! I will be guesting there for the 2 days which is awesome buuut the high light of this event is I am hosting the After Party Burlesque SHOW! annnd there may or may not be Dead pool PASTIES! WOOT! also you guys miiight want to be fallowing my snap chat that weekend hahah!! (also have a secrit Gothm sirens bed time shoot planed!) 

4/1/16 - 4/3/16 COMIC FEST in Palmetto F.L. ( ) This is another event I will be running as a HOST! the ENTIRE EVENT! and not only will you get the comic book world but you can enter the other side of my world into the Tattoo convention because this con is split into the 2 worlds! with belly dancers, cosplay 101 tutorials and tons of amazing cosplay guest and artist! please join me for the Miss Tattoo fest contest and the Miss Comic fest contest! among the other awesome events this weekend!!!